Tuesday, February 20, 2018

T&T in need of moral and spiritual cleansing

 With the latest exposure of how former First Citizens executive Philip Rahaman obtained or was allowed to reap a hefty profit from first shares sale leaves me to wonder whether the financial sector has once again fallen asleep on the job, or are simply indifferent in ensuring that high-level financial matters are carried out within  the remit of the laws and regulation that governs it.

The question begs to be asked why have there been no arrest for the many suspicious transactions that have been detected by the FIU, and how can a man in a Government-controlled bank so brazenly achieve what he did, why is it that only the media are the only ones bringing these matters to the public.

What has happened to the watchdogs, those supposedly charged with the responsibility to raise an alarm when things like these occur? 

Is it that our society has morphed into cells of cartels that control every major sector of our society from, medical, financial, political, the police...you name it. 

We, the ordinary citizens, are always being taken advantage of, one way or the other by these seemingly noble groups.

We in T&T have grown rapidly into such a callous and insensitive society that we are desperately in need of some moral and spiritual cleansing, from the highest office to the ordinary Joe in the street, and it must start now.

W Charles 

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