Saturday, December 16, 2017

T&T needs a bigger, better Police Service

I must say, having the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) audited and then occasionally monitored by the New York City Police Department is a welcome initiative.

I know that Trinbagonians always have a well-developed ability to disparage anything new offered by the Government that aims to bring about change for the better. Hence, I am very glad to see and hear that so far fellow Trinbagonians are on board with this new initiative of the Ministry of National Security. Minister Griffith, let me tell you, that I among many others, eagerly welcome this fresh effort to bring about change in the Police Service. Trust us, we are seeing its potential benefits.

For too long we have simmered in the malaise of accepting crime as the norm of the day. As the minister said, “war on criminals” is exactly the wake-up call we as a society needed at this point in time. To start, we need a bigger, better, more effective Police Service.

We need to get a grip on this crime situation as a matter of urgency and I believe that Minister Griffith is definitely trying to win the war on crime and all criminal activities on our country. In order for our Police Service and our police officers to fully be capable of fighting crime, the organisation and the policies and strategies that govern them need to be revamped. As the saying goes, ‘out with the old and in with the new and improved’.

I believe this is not a political gimmick, but a well thought-out plan to accept assistance from proven international stakeholders in favour of bringing viable solutions to curb criminal activity not only in our country, but by extension the Caribbean and the United States as well.

Like the minister, let us continue to treat the issue of crime with a serious attitude for a change, and also continue to keep open minds to new possibilities that could bring about the much-needed change in our crime situation.

Minister Griffith, I look forward to and can’t wait to experience the new Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

Jonathan Cooper

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