Thursday, February 22, 2018

T&T needs a life jacket not a LifeSport

 Sometimes I wonder if the epitome of apathy resides within the borders of Trinidad, where citizens by their passive resistance to political corruption and crime indirectly endorse their own  complicity. It is as if by our inaction we pave the road for these injustices to infinitely continue.

The latest among this litany of corrupt tales arises from the Ministry of Sport. For it is alleged there may have been surreptitious activities involving the LifeSport programme, where persons may have derived millions of taxpayers dollars questionably.

And to add insult to injury, Minister Anil Roberts brazenly defies the logical position of resigning, despite calls even by his own party, the Congress of the People (COP), for him to recuse himself. I guess the honourable minister may not be so honourable after all.

However, I am not here to cast aspersions on anyone’s character. Rather, I take lessons from these unfortunate events.

Lesson number one, we must be careful who we elect to hold office. Lesson number two, we must be careful who we elect to hold office. And lesson number three, we must be careful who we elect to hold office.

This precaution is necessary since we virtually place our social and economic future in the hands of these politicians. It is like we are on a ship and we elect a crew to steer this ship. Then we must trust they would not see us sink like the Titanic.

I think this is an excellent analogy for us in T&T. For we have seen the iceberg, and thinking ourselves invincible we sail straight ahead, hitting it and causing irreparable damage. So right now T&T’s ship is sinking, but we are passively oblivious whilst some elites dance, enjoy the music and cocktails.  T&T needs a lifejacket not a LifeSport, Madam Prime Minister.

So I humbly beg from the populace that we demand more from these sailors of our ship; these politicians who seem to care less whether we survive or not. Infused with self-interest and self-serving tendencies, friends and families continue to benefit while the masses are inequitably left to  contend with minimal portions.

Moreover, social systems that need to be refined are ignored and vulnerable segments suffer, most times in silence or end up in the grave. So let us  demand more from our governors, these men and women who were elected to serve. And if they fail, let us not hesitate to see them removed.

Mark St Rose

Diego Martin