Wednesday, February 21, 2018

T&T part of general descent into vulgarity

To all who are complaining and seem to be shocked at the so-called vulgarity that now passes for Trinbago (or is it just Port of Spain) Carnival, may I say that this is just a snapshot of what the entire world has been reduced to, so we “in ting”.

I am not by any means saying it is okay and should be accepted, but it is just one aspect of “modern-day” transgressions that some of us have come to accept as “the norm”, not just here in sweet T&T, but worldwide.

I remember a few decades ago New York City could have been considered the home of pornography to inhabitants of the western world, as for some, a visit to the “Big Apple” would have been incomplete without partaking of some of what West 42nd Street had to offer. So the lengths to which “big men” had to go to satisfy certain curiosities some four decades ago modern technology has brought to our doorstep, so much so that almost every child old enough to click a “mouse” or operate one of those “smart” phones, will have the world at their fingertips, for better or worse.

Some calypso buffs may remember the early 1980s, probably when head honchos of what is now the People’s Partnership Government were still at school, DeLamo (Franz Lambkin-YouTube) in a song describing the then degradation of our society, sang, “We are living in a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, and if your wife turn to a pillar of salt you will know that it is your fault”.

Perhaps Peter Minshall’s “Danse Macabre” has finally come to pass. Gregory Cockburn

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