Thursday, January 18, 2018

T&T should go to Singapore’s Lee Quan Yew for guidance

 Although in times past we sent senior civil servants to the “mother country” to observe how things were done there, we never benefited from an intelligent adoption of their methods and procedures into our  system. 

We still have tottering old persons presenting themselves for life certificates and are yet unable to renew our driver’s permits by mail.

Now, for the effective handling of the current gang warfare situation we should seek and implement the advice of another foreigner, Lee Quan Yew, who within three to five years not only transformed Singapore’s economy but also got rid of all the gangs.

Even though Lee regards Trinis as having a carnival mentality, I expect he will overlook this and be willing to share his expertise.

Some things however can be remedied without foreign input.

The miscreants who attack teachers, security officers and other students should be taken to the nearest  police station, soundly birched and their parents made to repay the state at least one term’s tuition costs. 

Education is expensive. By the way,  why should a crime plan be unveiled to the public?  Surely this is patently counterproductive.

Everard A Shand

San Fernando