Saturday, February 17, 2018

T&T’s second hand gift for Mr Mandela

The re-naming of King George V Park has put me in mind of the chorus of a song that says, “memories don’t leave like people do, they always stay with you whether they’ve been good or bad, they were something that we had’’.

How can we appreciate or teach our history if we casually go about changing it. King George and the park so named is part of our history.

It makes me mad that a few individuals can take it upon themselves to arbitrarily make changes which should involve all the people. The input of the citizenry was sought recently in something as frivolous as the naming of two giraffes acquired by the zoo. How much more important is the decision to re-name the park?

I am convinced that if the individuals involved in making this decision had the opportunity to inform Nelson Mandela of their intention, that goodly gentleman would have emphatically told them, “thank you, but no thanks”. And rightly so, that giant of a man deserves much more than a second-hand gift.

Tyrone Evans