Saturday, February 24, 2018

T&T’s border protection not a priority

Our Prime Minister’s recently made the following statement: “There are several reasons why we feel that Trinidad and Tobago will be an ideal location for the secretariat of the Arms Trade Treaty. Our geographic location has made us very vulnerable to the illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons.

“As I said in Cuba, we don’t manufacture guns or light weapons. We do not manufacture cocaine and other hard drugs yet we are a transshipment point and of course the guns are wreaking havoc and great sadness in our own country here, among our citizens.”

I am hazarding a guess that this speech was made in a eureka moment, because our borders remain either unprotected, or underprotected.

And, after four years in office and unprecedented crime scourges directly related to illegal guns and illicit drugs, border protection does not seem to garner crucial priority.

RP Joseph

San Fernando