Sunday, January 21, 2018

T&T needs you alive, Dr Kublalsingh

This is an open letter to Wayne Kublalsingh. Wayne, Trinbago needs you now, and alive. The contribution you have made cannot be measured. You and your family are truly national heroes. You must live. We need you.

You have begun to restore value to words like love, honour, respect, father, family, commitment, strength, courage, conviction, leadership—the list could go on. Before November, a school child may have interpreted "patriot" only to mean a missile used in the Gaza Strip.

Your action has caused many people in the society to begin to examine themselves. It has also exposed the utter decadence and backwardness which now prevails in the political landscape.

The various spokespersons who are trying their best to vilify and emasculate you and your family are probably suffering from MBS (Multiple Bypass Syndrome), a disease which hardens the heart and replaces the blood with land acquisition dollars.

Dr Kublalsingh, you have achieved. You have provided an alternative to the madness which was fast becoming the order of the day. The struggle for good governance has only just begun. This country needs you, alive; to join with the various progressive forces and the others whose consciousness you may have awakened, to lead and to guarantee victory.

J Salandy

Diego Martin