Thursday, February 22, 2018

Take a page from Plipdeco's book

Perhaps there is hope for sweet T&T. Despite all the reports of violence, murder, robberies, con jobs, rapes and mayhem there is at least one group of people still doing something about it all.

On Wednesday at 6 a.m. I arrived at Plipdeco in Pt. Lisas, only to find that I was beaten to it by some 100 other people trying to clear cargo early.

Although the workload was heavy and there was much confusion, the staffers of Plipdeco were very kind and polite. Amidst all the chaos and confusion, with everyone trying to get their goods, I noticed all members of staff, especially the forklift drivers and custom officers, were smiling and very courteous at all times. The long wait of many hours was made easier by helpful hands. This is something I haven't seen here for a very long time.

ThenI noticed a sign in the waiting room: "Your questions are not an interruption to us but it is business to us."

Perhaps, government employees, especially in ministry offices, Licensing, officers of the law, WASA, T&TEC and borough corporations, to name a few, need to take a page out of Plipdeco's book.

WKS Hosein