Saturday, February 24, 2018

‘Tanty’ can teach them about policies

If ever there was a “vikey-vie” government in Trinidad and Tobago this People’s Partnership Government is it, as demonstrated by its apparent lack of policy formulation on issues important to the people.

The widely held notion that the 2010 general elections were won by a “pick-up” side has gained significant currency over the past four years if one looks, for example, at the absence of policy formulation in the transport sector, just to name one.

When Jack Warner was Minister of Works and Transport, he visited Point Fortin to identify a possible site for the water ferry terminal, leading one to expect that the service to Point Fortin would begin in the forseeable future.

After the first cabinet reshuffle, in comes Chandresh Sharma as Minister of Transport who categorically stated that there would be no ferry service to Point Fortin because it was uneconomic to do so.

Now comes Stephen Cadiz as the latest Minister of Transport seeking to establish the ferry service to Point Fortin, as reported in Saturday’s newspapers, on the premise that “the water taxis were designed to transport up to 4,000 passengers a day but are now transporting only 1,500 passengers”.

One has to ask, what is really going on? Is it that the Government as a whole has no policies but that ministers individually have their own policies? So that when ministers are moved their policies are no longer valid? Is Cabinet relevant at all?

Suppose there is another Cabinet reshuffle before the next general elections, what will a new Minister of Transport do? Your guess is as good as mine.

Tanty, operating her parlour with unwritten policies is more consistent than these “honourable” gentlemen.

Annette Singh

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