Monday, February 19, 2018

Tarouba options

I am assuming that the environs of the stalled Tarouba stadium must have been suited for development hence the choice of the area in the first place. If it cannot be developed by the Housing Development Corporation why not interest a private developer to construct a housing estate with homes priced to attract middle and upper income buyers?

Of special attraction would be enhanced sporting facilities for cricket, football, cycling, skating, swimming , etc, for the use of homeowners and their families.

There is urgent need for an up-to-date prison facility to deal with young offenders. Why not redesign the stadium as a remand facility for both males and females needing supervised care and who are in the 13 to 18 age bracket?

Sport is an integral part of rehabilitation and the new facility can be used to train young offenders who show interest and aptitude.

Students would have to sign on for a four-year integrated course combining skills training and ordinary pre-university qualifications.

Lynette Joseph

via e-mail