Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tarouba for hire

The Tarouba Stadium is still a very long way from being completed and may incur much more costs than what is currently projected. But even then, do we have the capacity to manage it to its fullest potential?

One option that can be considered is to offer the venue to international promoters who would complete and manage same, as something of this magnitude will have a direct impact on the Treasury if Government has to complete, operate and maintain it.

The existing stadiums which are locally managed continue to be under-utilised, with nothing to attract spectators.

Unlike the offshore patrol vessels (OPV) issue, the Government cannot cancel this stadium and seek a refund, and even though Piarco Airport has been called a "cowshed" by some, after a billion dollars, not even cows can safely shelter at Tarouba.

However, the Tarouba Stadium can still be transformed into something viable and profitable if the right decisions are made.

Ramesh Marajh

Palo Seco