Monday, December 18, 2017

Teachers at work

I don't understand how some people say teachers do nothing but yet parents are so disturbed when teachers stay away from work. Let me just give you a list of some of the jobs teachers do.

1. Babysitter: look over the infant classes during breaks, lunch and after school. Help open their lunch kits and juice bottles, clean up their mess and take them to the toilet.

2. Disciplinarian: correct errant children.

3. Security officer: principals may ask teachers to search pupils' bags for weapons and drugs.

4. Nurse: attend to sick pupils, call their parents and even accompany them to hospitals.

5. Guidance counsellor: assist pupils with problems and meet with their parents.

6. Sports master: go to sports day, prepare pupils for sports day.

7. Tour guide: arrange educational trips; take pupils on tour.

8. Fundraiser: for trips or sports; to buy items for the school.

9. Record keeper: upkeep pupils' confidential records.

10. Time keeper: mark roll twice a day and apprehend students for coming late.

11. Promoter: supervise pupils' preparation for national festivals

12. Organiser: plan and organise functions such as graduations, bazaars, Christmas parties etc

13. Teacher: complete syllabus for exams, prepare, administer and mark scripts for end of term exams, prepare report books.

14. Referee: prepare recommendations for pupils.

At some schools working conditions are very bad, eg. poor ventilation, pigeon droppings, broken down toilets, falling ceiling, smelly and dusty classrooms and shortage of furniture.

Diane Belfonte

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