Terrible parenting the problem, not the Prime Minister

 Why is the Government and specifically, the Prime Minister being drawn in and made culpable in the deaths of our nation’s children at the hands of their parents and guardians?  

I totally abhor and decry the senseless publicity stunt by Verna St Rose Greaves last week to disrupt the nation’s business with her misplaced nonsense. The woman ranted and raved as she lambasted the Prime Minister for something over which she (the PM) has no control.  

Why doesn’t St Rose Greaves quarrel about the Milk for Mothers initiative at the nation’s health centres or the Children’s Life Fund to which not one Opposition member contributes?  

Why doesn’t she quarrel about the home work centres constructed on Rose Street to provide a safe place for children?  Under whose administration was Children’s Authority conceived?

The fact of the matter is that people are now using the cover of these matters to attack the Government politically.  Why does the Leader of the Opposition and the Congress of the People have to make a statement on the matter?  Who asked them?  

Has the Opposition, in their deep sense of care for the nation’s children, raised the matter of the functioning of the Children’s Authority? 

Oh no, they have been too busy trying to get back into office through the back door  or though a side door marked Section 34. And even less is to be expected from the COP, the Heliconia Foundation and Fixin’ T&T.  

Can the Government protect children from their own parents and guardians?

This matter of the death of infants at the hands of their parents is a matter which falls squarely in the domain of bad and irresponsible parenting. 

Is it that the activists want the Government to intervene in the relationships of single mothers? 

Abuse is not something that just happens overnight:  it is something festering, waiting to snap. 

All the time, the relationship is going well, no one wants the Government to become involved in their personal business, “their man and woman business”, but when something happens, those same persons run to the Government, the police and feminists, crying about abuse, about grievous sexual commitments, about money and children neglect.  

What we are witnessing is the effect of bad parenting. There are not many successful relationships where “chile fadders” come and go as they please and the same goes for chile mudders, only most times the consequence are not as gruesome.  

 Lystra Marajh


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