Monday, January 22, 2018

Terrible timingfor desal shutdown

Desalcott will be shut down from January 15 to January 24 2013 for maintenance work.

This will impact negatively on WASA's ability to supply water to Trinidad.

In the first place, because of our annual rainfall, we do not need a desalination plant. Its establishment was pure politics.

I am querying the frequency of these shutdowns. The plant seems to be down more than running. Is it poor management, bad planning, incompetent employees or all of the above?

I am questioning the timing of the planned shutdown January 2013 the start of the dry season.

Is it that they can only source manpower and materials in the dry season when it is imperative that water is conserved? Why was the shutdown not planned for the latter part of the year when rainfall was more abundant?

Everyone will blame WASA. WASA'S problem is not generation but distribution. Too many old, leaking pipes which must be replaced. No rocket science here: change old pipes. Valuable potable water will not be lost to leakage.

We pay our water rates and all we ask is a safe and reliable supply.

Let us get our act together.

Water is a necessity, not a luxury.

AV Rampersad

Princes Town