Monday, February 19, 2018

Test for parents

 This is an open letter to all parents of school-aged children. Why is your child absent from school so often? Do you know the whereabouts of your child 24 hours a day? Why is your child disrespectful to adults?

 Why is your child not doing his/her homework?  Why is your child bringing home things which you did not purchase or he/she did not purchase? Is your child being supervised by X-Box, PS3 or Wii? Or is “Brutus-from-the-block” supervising him/her? Why is your child using obscene language in your presence? Who are your child’s friends? Do you know them?

 Do you spend quality time with your child? Or is he/she sent off to grandparents or neighbours while you go to the latest party? Do you encourage your child to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes? 

Past and present governments have provided textbooks for free. Do you value education, and do you instill that value in your child? Does your child have unfettered access to the internet, social media and television? Do you set any boundaries for him/her? Do you have a vision for your child’s future? Who do you expect to train and discipline your child? 

Andy Jangeesingh

Via Email.