Sunday, February 25, 2018

That other teen...

Helen Bartlett, a mother of four, used a belt to discipline her 12-year-old daughter. Since then condemnation against Ms Bartlett has come from the Child Protection Task Force and Government ministers. The head of a leading business grouping said the beating was obscene and the acting CoP says he will investigate to see if charges could be laid for abuse.

While so many were condemning Ms Bartlett another story was circulating, that of a 14-year-old girl who was arrested along with four men after a high speed chase which ended with the police seizing a pistol and 61 rounds of ammunition. As far as I can tell no one has said anything about the arrest of this girl.

No one has  condemned the parents of this 14-year-old. No one has called for their arrest or for them to account for the company their daughter has been keeping, yet every one of the above had something to say about the inappropriateness of Ms Bartlett’s disciplining of her 12-year-old. Things to make you go Hmmmm....where are we going T&T?

Oke Zachary