Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Almighty ‘agenda’

 I refer to Vaneisa Baksh’s Express column of March 6, headlined “Pulpits of wrath”.

I would like someone to explain to me what the Almighty was doing and thinking and feeling when entire peoples were decimated, and hundreds of thousands of Africans were enslaved on one side of the world to help build fortunes and embellish “civilisation” in another part of the world? 

Did He get vex? Was He enraged when sick or rebellious slaves were fed to sharks on the Middle Passage from Africa? What about when slave women were raped and humiliated and brutalised by their “masters”? Why didn’t He do something? 

Why didn’t He destroy those Euro­pean countries and cities that benefited from slavery? Why didn’t the Al­migh-

­ty strike down the people who massacred all those Native Americans and took their land? Why did He fold his arms and allow all those men, women and children to perish in the Holocaust?  

I ask these questions because church people and their holy books are telling me that this same God, not his father, or his mother, or his brother or his neighbour, no, this same God shakes with bla­zing rage when a man sleeps with a man or a woman sleeps with a woman. They love to use the word “abomination”. 

According to these people, Trinidad and Tobago will sink under the sea or worse if homosexuals are given equal rights here. Maybe the oil and gas will finish faster and the murder rate will zoom up or whatever. Because of what? Gay sex. Does that make sense? Is that all that the Almighty has to worry about? 

Muslims and Christians are tearing each other apart in the Cen­tral African Republic and all the Almigh­ty is studying is gay rights and gay marriage? Isn’t this childish stupidness mixed up with barbarism or am I missing something? 

Somebody, please help me. 

EA Maingot

via e-mail