Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Partnership’s forbidden words

It is very easy to say “Debe to Mon Desir’’. Debe, pronounced “Day-Bay’’, is the political romping ground of many South-based Partnership politicians. Debe, according to the local folk, is a Hindi verb form denoting giving. Debe means “give me’’. Mon Desir is French. It is pronounced “Mon-Day-Zeer’’. It means “my desire’’.

Yet these two terms, Debe and Mon Desir, seem incomprehensible, unpronounceable to all People’s Partnership politicians, including the Prime Minister.

These words are never pronounced in public utterances by the Prime Minister or any of her officers associated with the south-west peninsula highway extension project. Why is this?

At Saturday’s Partnership rally the topic of the highway extension project came up. One minister stated that Dr Keith Rowley, if he came to power, would not build the Point Fortin highway.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she is determined to complete the ‘Point Fortin’ highway.

Another minister said that the people of Cedros, Icacos and Point Fortin would be left out if “the highway’’ is not built.

Are all these politicians, including the Prime Minister, misinformed? Are they just sloppy? Are they a bunch of challenged malaprops?

The answer is much more sinister. The simple fact is that these astute ministers refuse to say Debe to Mon Desir because they wish to misinform and confuse. They desire to convince the electorate that the advocates against the Debe to Mon Desir highway are against the whole highway system, including the much-needed San Fernando to Point Fortin segment, and the Golconda to Debe segment which these advocates have never opposed.

This is why the Highway Re-route Movement’s message is misunderstood by many of our citizens. Those inattentive to the details fall for the Prime Minister’s perverse propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Please Madam Prime Minister, as you know, the residents are not against the Point Fortin to San Fernando highway, or the highway. They are against the socially, economically and ecologically destructive Debe to Mon Desir highway.

Please learn to say it: “Day-Bay to Mon-Day-Zeer’’.

Terry E Ligoure

Point Fortin