Monday, February 19, 2018

The case against homophobia

At first glance, altruism has absolutely no biological or other benefit, except possibly for an intrinsic feeling (like prayer). And yet, altruism has evolved throughout history. We have new names for it now (like empathy) and even jobs (police officers, doctors etc.).

And to any evolutionist —and even creationists who deny evolution—altruism is necessary for human survival. Homosexuality should be viewed on the same plane. Although biologically senseless, homosexuality exists throughout the animal kingdom and has evolved over the generations.

Like altruism, the psychology behind “willingly” giving up the ability to reproduce—the main driving force behind life—is not yet clear; still, it has stayed within the gene pool (which is strange, since homosexual activity does not result in “homosexual genes” being passed on to another generation. Therefore, it should have been eliminated from the gene pool many generations ago), which points to some kind of definite need for such in just about every class of social animals.

If religion (which is a conscious choice and easily proven to be unnecessary for animal survival, moral values or anything else except possibly intrinsic boosting) is enshrined in the preamble of our Constitution, we have absolutely no logical reason to discriminate against homosexuals.

It is time that we stop hating on the LGBT community and, just like altruism and religious folk, give them the ability to benefit the society. They already are anyway.

Shabba De Leon