Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The criminals are laughing at us

Is politics of such grave concern? I note with despondence that a large number of the citizenry and politicians continue in marches and pep rallies, each stating their group alone has the good of the country at heart.

As far as I can tell these loud effusions and public battles do nothing “good’’ for the country and instead draw attention away from what has been the biggest issue our nation has been facing for the last decade—the high murder rate, the low detection rate. This issue has remained regardless of which political party is in power and remains the biggest threat to us all, as we saw with the murder of Dana Seetahal. Tomorrow the victim could be you, your mother, your daughter or even all of the above.

Is political chess really what we want to be doing and/or what we want our leaders focused on doing? We throw picong and laugh at each other while the criminals continue to be allowed to manoeuvre freely, laugh at us all.

Danielle Fran

via e-mail