Saturday, February 24, 2018

The dark days will return

 It’s strange how the citizens of T&T quickly forget their history. The death of Mr Robinson has brought some of this back to life. When he was elected prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, he won convincingly 33-3. 

In 2010, the same happened with the Partnership Government vs the PNM winning 29-12.

Since we became a  Republic in 1962, the PNM has governed our country with the same policies no matter who is at the helm. Being a tolerant society to poor treatment, notice that the government only changed when the people could take no more pressure. 

Dr Rowley in his recent bid to retain his position as the political leader of the PNM clearly illustrated this by mention of the return of the rapid rail system. If he wins, we will eventually hear about smelters and property taxes. The population will have to wait another five years to vote them out again.

The general momentum yet still seems to signal that the dark days will return.

If a government with the same policies for 50 years has to return to power, then it’s better to live in exile in another country.


Marvin McDonald