Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good

Several months ago, I took my wife to the much talked about boardwalk in Chaguaramas. The wea­ther was warm and a cool wind was blowing as we enjoyed our walk, along with other people, just hanging out on this lovely afternoon.

The Bad

We decided to sit on the seats provided along the boardwalk. To our surprise, the seats were already damaged in one way or another as persons had tried to scribe their names on them, showing our general lack of appreciation for public property.

The Ugly

I decided to use the washroom and was told by a vendor, “It in de back dey.” I met a woman who held up a roll of toilet paper, asking me, “How much yuh want?” I was shocked and embarrassed as this woman was also selling snacks, soft drinks, etc, just a few feet away from a public toilet.

Also, there was no hand soap or tissue available in the washroom.

Those in authority should hang their heads in shame, talk about a backward administration.

Robert Dipchan

San Fernando