Friday, February 23, 2018

The old slavery blame game

From St Vincent to T&T the cry is reparation.

I am aghast at the thought and behaviour of men of influence about this thing.

My question— from whom; the slave vendor (the middle man) or the slave catcher?

History taught us that Africans were captured and sold into slavery by—of all people—Africans.

No white man went into the jungles of Africa on a human hunt nor did they fight any tribal war.

The people who were sold were spoils of war as they were captured during inter-tribal wars. Their sale was simply an economic transaction.

Having captured them the captors had three choices: either kill them, work them to death or sell them. The first two meant keeping and feeding them, the second meant no feeding and an income. The last was the best of the three and so it was taken.

The Europeans saw an opportunity to provide a labour force for the newly acquired West Indian islands to grow sugar cane. These new landowners (colonisers) were very happy to acquire humans capable of hard work.

The humans were found readily available even at a price. Were they responsible for the slave trade? Did they capture and sell humans? How are they responsible for purchasing what they wanted in the market place?

Today, slavery continues in Africa. Are the Europeans still to be blamed?

Hugh Brasnell

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