Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The only solution

I AM appalled by the lack of gravitas exhibited by the Prime Minister in light of the atomic messages detonated on her Government during the Opposition Leader’s private motion of no confidence in her and the Attorney General purporting to show misbehaviour in high office by the PM and senior Government Ministers.

Instead, we were treated on the final day of the debate to her triumphant-sounding, vacuous and useless discourse comprised mainly of disparaging remarks with the attendant smirks, requisite cheers, jeers and enthusiastic desk-thumping from her pickup side, all directed toward the unoccupied Opposition bench under the benevolent gaze of the Speaker of the House. 

Grandstanding and governance have nothing in common and we the citizens are not laughing. This is a deadly serious matter and its implications are frightening and therefore frivolous is the most unlikely word that one could use to describe either the disembowelling of a government or a plot to destabilise a democratically elected government regardless of woeful performance.  

Why would the Prime Minister refer the Leader of the Opposition to the Privileges Committee before any investigation has begun to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the contents of the incriminating e-mails? And why would the Speaker of the House assent to this without a qualm?

The Prime Minister is being lauded for immediately directing the acting Commissioner of Police to begin investigations into e-mailgate yet none of them acted with similar alacrity to hand over their phones, laptops, PCs, hard drives and tablets.

This is not the type of governance people voted for on 24 May 2010. 

The Prime Minister evidently fails to appreciate that in light of the mistrust in which she and her Government are held after that most egregious piece of legislation, Section 34, was foisted upon us, that the onus is on her to administer the antidote against what she calls the contagion of disbelief.

The only way to effect that is by instructing that an independent team of cyber experts investigate the matter. 

Catherine Hidalgo

via e-mail