The problem with ‘peace’ policies

Does the Gandhi/Mandela philosophy of “do no harm to your tormentor/exploiter/perpetrator of genocide” really work? And is it not ironic that governments love to cite Gandhi and Mandela while at the same time being oppressive? Is this fear-driven, terror-stricken world a better place for allowing the human cancers that consumed nations to have so-called peaceful co-existence with those whom they oppressed, exploited and whose relatives they murdered?
Is the world really so blind to the fact that those who oppressed and exploited persons and nations under one context, were found out and made to stop under that context, do anything more than change methodology and return to oppressing, exploiting, terrorising and murdering?
Oppression around the world is not being reduced. It is increasing, it is being institutionalised in the constitutions of nations. The cancer is being institutionalised under the guise of peace and love and oneness.
Non-violent resistance and non-protest have worked to the advantage of seasoned oppressors and genocide practitioners, giving them an “out” from the stigma connected with their practices.
The philosophy of Gandhi and Mandela give the world’s mass oppressors, mass segregators, mass exploiters, mass murderers, despotic politicians and their financial backers, assurance of continuance of existence so they can return to their ways under changed formulae.
The human cancers continue proliferating and metastasising, producing misery where they are tolerated. The truth has its own impact. Who can put the truth into the hearts of pragmatists?
Sarah Parks
via e-mail
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