Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The slippery slope that’s before us

 Oscar Wilde said “democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people” and this appears to be coming true in our country. I am amazed by the alleged actions that took place at the Guardian and the reports of abuse by some members of our Defence Force in the name of crime suppression. I am astounded by the stunning silence that has greeted such actions.

We are in this situation destroying the public reputation of the Defence Force as an institution and we will end up with it having the same unsavoury fate as our police. To whom will we then turn in times of crisis when this institution can now choose to hide behind fig leaves?

The minister talks of the possibi­lity of rogue officers, but can this be true if we have a disciplined Defence Force? Has the rot there begun already? The Defence Force officials have already put on the garments of the police when they say they will have an investigation. Can we trust this word? How do we reconcile that with the various reports? Is the proverbial tail wagging the dog? If these reports are true, and it does appear that way, we are witnessing a crumbling of the way we live.

If we as citizens can believe this is a problem for the Guardian, then we have crossed a line where self-interest trumps common good.

Like George Bush when he was US president, we are accepting that national security demands we give up increasing amounts of our freedoms. But then we ought to reflect on the fate of the woman journalist who was told “they” knew all about her. Or maybe we do not believe that story either.

Noble Philip

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