Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The troubling issue of repeat offenders



Mark Fraser

Like all concerned citizens, I look to your paper especially for the crime reports. It is unfortunate that not one day goes by where we donít see illegal activities in the paper.

Upon passage of the Bail Amendment Bill, I have noticed that many criminals have indeed turned out to be repeat offenders, as the Government stated throughout their debate in the Parliament.

In Tuesdayís issue (March 18), I read that the men involved in the Yacht Club robbery were denied bail by the magistrate as they all had previous convictions/matters pending before the court.

Not too long ago, it was reported that two women were charged for numerous robberies in Penal and were also denied bail as they both had previous convictions.

Over the Carnival weekend, an elderly man was stabbed to death by a male relative who was eventually captured.

After being denied bail, his relatives were quoted in the papers as saying that they were relieved that he was being held while investigations were being conducted as he had threatened them while he was on the run. I am sure that similar stories will continue to frequent the media.

The recently proclaimed Bail Amendment Act has proven to be worth its while and has allowed law-abiding citizens such as myself to breathe a sigh of relief, no matter how little.

I would like to congratulate the Attorney General for his persistence in this debate and the Independent senators who voiced their support for the bill.

Shirley Mahadeo