Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Govt, the media and Samson

I hold no brief for Minister Warner, but it's clear the guns trained on him are vicariously aimed at bringing down the Government, he being a pillar of strength and success. For the identical reasons, the AG finds himself similarly bombarded; so too, Minister Roberts. The attacks are concerted, furious and reminiscent of what Samson of the Bible executed to wipe out the entire upper elite of the Philistine people.

However, while Samson was inspired and successful, those who rail against the Government are "underneath" and gaumless.

For many years Samson was a fearless and most mighty scourge of whomever opposed him, because he applied his God-given, superhuman strength to guard his people from treachery and lurking danger. Samson was dreaded as long as his hair was uncut...meaning, once he remained steadfast to his true cause he was unstoppable.

The Samson story ought to resonate well with the media: the media's efficacy is intact once they remain steadfast to their true crumbles whenever their controllers, whether blinded by unbridled, selfish thirst for profits or by partisanship, apply their jawbones towards clipping the wings of a duly-elected, people-oriented and properly-functioning government at all costs.

But, the media aren't Samson, so I suspect the attacks will fizzle.

Ayodele Chieng

Petit Borg