Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The best fit

I REFER to a letter published on 12/12/12 in the Express by Judy Francis of Chaguanas.

Ms Francis, you raised two important points. The first is that of the election of a bishop or an archbishop in the RC Church. The candidate may be chosen in one of the following four ways: election, presentation or nomination, or by direct papal appointment.

The Papal Nuncio, I imagine, based on recommendations made by the clergy and other persons and also based upon his own observations and interviews, may make a recommendation to the Pope.

Therefore, it has nothing to do with inadequacy, incapacity or any other inhibiting factor of the local clergy that led to Edward Gilbert being chosen as archbishop. He was probably the best fit.

Many people admired Archbishop Pantin. Why? It was certainly more than the fact that he was a local. He had charisma, strength and holiness among other virtues which I hardly believe are limited to locals.

Secondly, the letter raises the way a person selects which church they belong to. I think it's an irrational choice to leave a congregation because you do not like the shepherd.

If you are a member of the church and especially knowing its teachings and history, then should that not be a more valuable criteria than anything else? In this Year of the Faith that the Pope proclaimed, I suggest that you and indeed all Christians ask themselves how much we know and never become content with what we do.

Isidore Gabriel

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