Thursday, February 22, 2018

The ongoing war on women

Thanks to the Express of January 2 for the editorial on the rape of the medical student in India, and for Rickey Singh's article on the two women raped in Barbados who courageously defended the defenceless man who was wrongly convicted.

I wrote a piece called "Rape is no laughing matter" for this newspaper, back in 1984 based on visits to two calypso tents, where rape jokes were getting a lot of play.

While I think the society has moved forward tremendously in many areas, attitudes to women and the defence of women are not areas where progress can be reported, though the courts have made penalties more severe.

I saw the article about the rape of the Indian student on the BBC, downloaded it, and sent it to concerned women in the US where I live, and also to women and men in T&T.

Women are also under the gun in Australia, where radio talk show hosts are constantly attacking women verbally, including the Prime Minister of that country.

I hope the Express continues to focus on improving the lot of T&T's women.

Things are so bad in India that once, a few years back, when a family owed money they could not pay, and the elders of the village decided to rape the daughter of the house to teach the family a lesson, and the local police refused to investigate, the BBC took up the case. Eventually, a senior woman police officer was sent from another area, to investigate the rape. She was shot to death. Inquiries into the rape dried up. "India, beautiful and sad. Sadly beautiful." The comment of my friend who worked there for a while, for the government of her country.

Linda Edwards

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