Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The power of one

I know that of the 40 per cent of adults who read the newspapers, only five per cent read the columnists; and further, that most of that five per cent do not read all the columnists.

Assuming more people read the letters to the editor I would like to quote the last paragraphs of Sunity Maharaj's column in the Sunday Express of December 2: "If Wayne Kublalsingh's high stakes gamble has taught us anything it is the power of the human spirit and the capacity of the single individual of courage to galvanise a nation and lift it out of its stupor of complacent cynicism.

"All by himself, with nothing more than his disappearing body, expanding spirit and focused mind, Dr Kublalsingh has created a national flowering of consciousness.

"If that is the power of one, imagine the power of many."

J H Charles

Concordia, Tobago