There must always be balance

 If we are to believe in the spiritual power of the universe, then we know nothing happens by chance. Everything is preordained. A law of physics—a natural law—teaches that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Not chance, simply balance.

This world, this universe, our existence is hinged on the maintenance of that balance. We use the jargon, “God willing”, “all things being equal”, “what goes around, comes around”, “the sins of the father...,” But to us it is only jargon. We say these things without paying attention to what they really mean.

There must always be balance. Our actions—as parents, grandparents, teachers, leaders, priests, parliamentary representatives, police, heads of state, etc—must always be based on exemplary moral and spiritual standards as we create the environment for “good” living for ourselves and for others. But based on what is happening to us now and the current state of this nation, we are seeing that our actions have gone around and have come around and, judging by the intensity of the impact, we have not done well at all. 

In reality, this descent into chaos has been long in the making, but we have hit bottom so hard that it gives the impression of suddenness. This is not about the growing number of dysfunctional individuals or the growing number of families in crisis, and this has nothing to do with who forms the government or not. This is wider and longer and is about evidence of a dysfunctional society where none of us are doing well. Our innocence is lost, and so our innocents are being taken from us in a most telling way. Are we paying attention? 

Our children are dying in horrific ways. Several babies have died at or just after birth at a hospital that was specifically designed to safely deliver them into this world. Toddlers and young children are being murdered. Our children are dying. This has happened to us before, hasn’t it? We have lost innocents in terrible ways before. Are we paying attention? What went around has come around.

It is good that the Government, having no other choice perhaps, has appointed a special committee to “look into” the matter. We’ve had that before too, haven’t we? The police will do their jobs, authorities will be established to “look into” everything and make it possible for some folks to earn large salaries indefinitely. All par for the course.

But will we not admit to or accept the root of the problem? Why should we, in a society that places money and academic qualification above everything else? It has become the rule, not the exception, to cheat, steal, lie, sell our bodies and souls, and even kill to get what we want. Good character, high standards, moral values, good manners are the exception. We are a society of well-educated, well-positioned, and sometimes well-to-do, crooks, cheats, thieves, killers and liars. 

So what did we expect? That it will be business as usual; that once the windows are closed and the air-condition is on we’ll not get a whiff of the stench; that if we hide in our churches and temples and “palais” long enough we’ll hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil; that carrying titles like member of parliament or prime minister makes mediocrity and poor moral values legal? We opened the door and a very powerful, very negative energy has moved in and now lives with us.

It would take a powerful spirit to dispel it, and an even more powerful spirituality to keep it at bay. Let’s begin by believing the very jargon we mouth all too often. What goes around does come around. Teach our children that good character is everything. Every decision and every action, regardless of the size or intensity, has a consequence—an equal and opposite reaction.

Living life is about living with the consequences of those decisions and actions, and those consequences are absolutely dreadful when we choose to cheat, steal, lie, prostitute our bodies and souls, or kill or cause to be killed in order to make our way through life. 

For those of us who still have a sense of self, before we act, speak, do or think, we should pray—check ourselves and make every effort to live effective lives and build noble character. We need to change the energy around us, we need to heal ourselves and that takes individual and collective effort.

This effort, however, must be a genuine one for spiritually centred individuals make for spiritually centred communities and a functional and centred society where our babies will arrive safely and with love and live long, healthy, effective and prosperous lives. Ore Yeye Osun.

Yeye Agbomola Olomitutu

Maria Chambers

Ile Ijosin Otura Meji-Awon Osun

Maturita, Arima

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