Monday, February 19, 2018

There must be a better way

The suicide of Devindra Boodoo points its fingers of accusation at our education system. In fact it also points to all of us for staying silent too long as we’ve sacrificed our children on the altar of education to the merciless, pagan god SEA, year after year, generation after generation and robbed them of the joy of learning.

When will the madness stop? Surely there must be an easier, better way to transition our children into the secondary school system other than with the slavemaster’s whip of SEA, a handover from massa days, when performance was obtained only from external motivation.

We must spark the zeal for knowledge through the inner cravings of self-motivation, excitement and the simple joy of learning once again.

Our children have been mutilated and violated enough.

Devindra’s death must be pivotal for us as a nation as we respond to the unheard cries of our children for freedom from this oppressive regime.

It’s time for change.

Wendy Mohammed

via e-mail