Friday, December 15, 2017

They deserve a good spanking

First it was Pan Trinbago disrespecting pan with its pool party. As if that wasn’t enough, our national TV station, believing we must not have too much national culture, cut transmission of the National Pan semi-finals at around 7 p.m. to do the news. To make sure we have a balanced diet we were then fed a rich supply of American sitcoms.

I went to hear the traditional bands, only as they should be heard—live on the Drag. I intended to listen to the small bands at home via our national TV station. I was greeted with total disrespect.

There are jokers who would say, and have said, that if you want to hear pan come to the Drag. If everyone in Trinidad and Tobago who wanted to hear their favourite bands converged, or even tried to converge, in the big yard, just imagine what a nightmare that would be. There would not be sufficient cars, maxi-taxis, buses and donkey carts to supply the needed transport. That is the reason there’s the electronic media which can reach out to far-flung districts, shut-ins, not forgetting Tobago.

Getting back to the pool. I hope there’s a super filter included to free “poolers” from the body fluids of those who went before.

To both national bodies I give you, what could be the National Road March, a Spankin.

Edward Teddy Pinheiro

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