Sunday, January 21, 2018

They must lead by example


Mark Fraser

 The murder of Dana Seetahal is the latest in a long line of murders being perpetrated in Trinidad and Tobago. As she was a prominent woman, many have issued statements calling for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. But what about the other people who have been murdered so far this year? 

The murder of Ms Seetahal (and I sincerely sympathise with her family) is being used by politicians and others in positions of prominence to hold forth on our number one issue—crime.

The Prime Minister says, “I have enjoined with the Minister of National Security to ensure that every resource of the law enforcement machinery of the state is utilised in relentless pursuit of apprehending those involved in this most dastardly and heinous act.” 

Minister of National Security, Gary Griffith says, “We will not rest until those who have committed this most unspeakable act is brought to justice.”

Former prime minister Basdeo Panday says, “It seems to me that the whole country needs to be protected in some way or the other. If a lawyer who is doing a case can be killed because of that, I don’t know, she might have been killed for another reason, if that is the reason, then you got to guard everybody. This country has reached to a level that is incomprehensible, it has sunk to a level which is unbelievable. We are now really a failed state.”

The PNM says, “Clearly, whether intended or not, a message was sent from the underworld to every citizen of this country and to the international community who will receive this news, that Trinidad and Tobago is out of control and that no one is immune from targeted darkness.”

Dr Keith Rowley says, “This latest callous outrage should drive home the sobering thought that no citizen is beyond the gaze of the criminal element, which is emboldened by our chronic poor detection rates and tardy, ineffective responses.”

ILP leader Jack Warner says, “It tells you that crime is no respecter of persons or places. This has shown how low we have descended as a people. It might be a vain hope but my sincere hope that those who committed this will be brought to justice.”

All of these politicians/parties have held/are holding the reins of power at some point, yet they have done nothing effective to stem crime. And it is the innocent who suffer.

Starting today, every aspect of Government should institute a zero tolerance approach to crime..and that means everyone. 

Why would the ordinary citizen live by the law when there is such flagrant disregard for it on all levels? 

Those in authority should lead by example. They are not. That is the reason why Trinidad and Tobago is now in the control of criminals.

Elizabeth Johnson

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