Sunday, January 21, 2018

Think, then talk

I refer to Hilton Sandy's comments at the People's National Movement's meeting in Tobago last Friday, ahead of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections later this month.

I gather that when he referred to Calcutta, he meant the Tobago Organisation of the People/People's Partnership and the fact that the TOP/PP is a more Indo-centric government, as opposed to the previous administration, that is plotting to invade the much Afro-centric island of Tobago. In doing so, according to my conclusions from Mr Sandy's statement, the TOP/PP plans to conquer and rule Tobago, to the disadvantage of Tobagonians.

This is not the first time the PNM has erred in this sector, yet this party claims it is not an advocate of racial segregation.

Words are very powerful and are immortal, hence politicians should think before they talk. When the Jamaica Observer accused the T&T Government of "ethnic stocking", this accusation was wholeheartedly endorsed by the Opposition. Therefore, it came as a surprise that even after Dr Keith Rowley assured the country his party was not one to divide the nation by race and religion, a PNM candidate has made such a statement. This occurrence has removed another layer of the PNM and they have definitely hung themselves with this one.

How could Mr Sandy have made such a statement? Is it because the Indo-Trinbagonian group is a minority group in Tobago? Is he trying to infer that Tobago must be representative of the Tobagonians—the majority only? Maybe Mr Sandy is oblivious to who or what is a Tobagonian and the relationship between Tobago and Trinidad. How can one invade one's own land?

I am a Trinbagonian, we are Trinbagonians. Trinidad belongs to Tobago as Tobago belongs to Trinidad. The PNM must resist from separating or severing the ties of this relationship if they wish to gain power.

Tamara Bernard

Maloney Gardens