Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Think of the children before you strike

With all due respect to teachers staying away from school, all well and good, but has anyone taken account of the many parents who have to work and in sweet T&T and both parents working, or more so the many single mothers who definitely have to be at work, most times don't have anyone to leave in charge of these children?

So much harm come to these children, so much it is unbelievable. Most mothers are relieved when their children are in school. In many extended family homes where other members of the families live, many problems are derived when children are forced to be away from school the jumbies of rape, all forms of abuse, you name it, it surely happens and when parents return "home" on evenings everything looks honky dory, i.e. all's well.

Wait till problems occur that is when the children become teenagers/young adults and the further problems erupt, parents are then left as the little boy in the shoe "and he wondered".

Well TUTUA and all you teachers many of who teach the word of God, is there any hope for mankind? Have a heart save the children! For those who have ears ? "Let them hear." Or else a further generation will be in another complete mess.

Holly Ingster