Saturday, December 16, 2017

This could spread

There is merit in the observation that many disenchanted with the People's Partnership for one reason or another are jumping on Wayne Kublalsingh's bandwagon.

This dissent is something for the Government to watch, but of more significance is the number of prominent individuals and groups who are not reputed dissenters who feel that Dr Kublalsingh's cause is worthy.

From Fr Harvey to Minshall, from 3Canal to the JCC, there are voices which go beyond the ecological and environmental issues into a cry of sympathy for a man alone against a powerful state, David against Goliath, the would-be martyr on death's door for a cause, and admiration for a man of steel who sticks to his principles.

This collective voice is even more dangerous than that of the opportunists because it carries a sincerity that can fire the popular imagination and ignite a national outcry against a Government perceived as waging war against the underdog.

Governments have fallen before with a single match lighting up the combustible material which lies beneath. The PM and her Government must take stock of how Dr Kublalsingh's cause is reaching beyond itself into a wider national reaction before this situation becomes irreversible.

Dr Errol Benjamin

Via e-mail