Saturday, February 24, 2018

This is not a joke

I refer to a news report in which it was stated that Minister Roodal Moonilal described the actions of the leader of the Re-Route Movement Wayne Kublalsingh as those of a spoilt child.

These comments were made even as it was reported that the Prime Minister, while not meeting with Dr Kublalsingh, expressed concern for the health and welfare of the gentleman.

This action by Dr Kublalsingh, Dr Moonilal should know, could lead to the loss of a life. However, Dr Moonilal seems to treat it as if it is something to joke about, just like his infamous comment to the labour union to "take five per cent and wine to the side".

I often wonder if he is in competition with another Minister for the title of Parliament clown. At present I think it is a dead heat.

A Pierre