Tuesday, January 23, 2018

This sex thing in jail makes no sense

Sex for prisoners? But what the jail really going on this country? And please don't pardon the pun. Okay, so here are the questions that must be answered concerning the matter:

1. What is the criteria for those who would be able to get sex?

2. How often would they be afforded this opportunity to get some tender loving care?

3. Who would be allowed to provide the service? Wives only? The "horner'' woman, stripper or baby mama?

4. Where are the prisoners going to have sex? A hotel? A bed and breakfast? On an old mattress or what?

5. How much privacy will the prisoners have? Or will someone be watching the act to ensure that their partners don't pass on drugs, guns or any other contraband material during the "exercise''?

6. What about gay and lesbian prisoners? Will they be facilitated too?

7. What about AIDS testing? Suppose prisoners or their partners pass on sexually transmitted diseases?

8. How much time will be allotted for prisoners to have sex?

9. For those prisoners who may have erectile dysfunction, will they be afforded assistance via Viagra?

10. What about birth control or contraception? Who is to say who must use protection?

11. So for those who do not have partners, wouldn't they get frustrated and need a release too?

12. Is it both male and female prisoners who will be allowed to get "some''? Or just the men?

13. What if a female prisoner gets pregnant?

14. Will taxpayers' money be used for this exercise?

Minister Herbert Volney, the public has every right to know what are the answers to all questions listed above.

I find that if the prisoners could get sex then why not add a plasma tv, and a Blackberry too. We seem to have a lot of money to waste in this country of comedy.

I have no problem with people visiting their relatives in prison but the sex thing is totally unacceptable.

Jo Arneaud

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