Sunday, January 21, 2018

Thoughtful drivers

While taking my afternoon walk through the streets of Diamond Vale recently, I waited at the busy intersection of Tiara Avenue and Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard for the traffic to subside so that I could cross from the old into the  New Vale. To my great surprise, a motorist stopped, allowing me to cross. At the very next street, Amber Drive, the same thing happened. Again I was surprised. I was careful not to utilise the abhorrent “bounce meh nah” attitude so prevalent nowadays.  Quite the contrary, on both occasions I attempted a quick soldierly salute to express my gratitude, and  a Richard Thompson sprint so these considerate drivers could continue on their journeys. I thank both drivers. Acts of consideration like that help to restore one’s belief in the inherent goodness of Trinbagonians. 

Georges David

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