Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Time to take back T&T

 Enough is enough!

It is time to take our country back from rogue criminal elements. Action must be taken, action that unfortunately may not sit well with all citizens. Every day we see innocent victims of crime and every day we hear a call from citizens for action to be taken to alleviate the problem. Why is it then that Mr Griffith’s hands-on and aggressive approach to fighting crime is not being welcomed? Is it that we rather return to docile, passive, meek and unassertive governance? 

It is sad that persistence to solve a crime problem that has become overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable is being met with apprehension. Former government officials who have previously been unsuccessful in solving the crime problem seem to be the loudest voices against the minister’s approach. 

I say it is finally time, as the minister said, that “deadly force must be met with deadly force”. In the midst of a crime situation that has got out of hand, I find comfort in the fact that steps are being taken. 

I remain optimistic that actions such as twinning of the NYPD and TTPS, committing to a holistic approach to solving crime with the creation of the cybercrime bill and now the Minister’s assurance to solve the crime problem at all costs and refusing to negotiate will criminals, are all steps in the right direction.  

Whatever can be done, should be done and I as a citizen will support any and every action to defend my country. 

Susan Farrow

via e-mail