Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Time for Monday bands, Tuesday bands

I would like to make a suggestion concerning the inability of our city to accommodate the Carnival parade of bands which has clearly become too big.

Have the small and medium bands appear on Monday, in full costume, for judging, and likewise the large bands on Tuesday. In other words no large band would be allowed to go to the Savannah or any of the other judging points on Monday nor the small and medium bands on Tuesday. Who really wants to see the majority of masqueraders on Monday parading in T-shirts/tank tops and short pants? You expect people to really pay money and come out for that?

This plan will ease a lot of the congestion on both days. Others are talking about finding a new venue for the parade. Where? It's not as if we have a lot of choices. The main point is something has to be done. It can't be left alone to get worse like the traffic problem in Woodbrook and St James.

W Dopson