Sunday, December 17, 2017

Time to change our 'crab' attitude


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Both the acceptance and concession speeches in the recent American presidential election showed a basic civility and caring that is lacking in much of what we do here in Trinidad and Tobago.

In so many ways, key components of civilised behaviour have given way to an everyday sense of indifference, often bordering on hostility.

Look at the recent boycott of a major function at the Divali Nagar by two leading politicians of the ruling party simply because the opposition leader was attending said function. One of these politicians seems bent on destroying the opposition leader, a campaign that will only add more bile to the already combustible mix of local politics, while the country continues to suffer.

I say we all need to take some serious time out from politics and instead focus on building our civilisation.

We need to focus on a return to good manners, on teaching people to be more caring and gentle.We need a massive push on getting citizens to obey the law big and small.

The crab in the barrel attitude on the roads and elsewhere has to change, we must of necessity always defer to the common good over what's best for an individual.

The most glaring case in point here involves drivers stopping in active traffic lanes while holding up many cars behind them. This, and other similar behaviours have to stop if we are to progress as a civilisation.

In time, the politics will take care of itself, but if we do not make some serious effort on regaining our once civil nature then the continued slippery slope is all we have to look forward to, as a people.

Gregory Wight

Diego Martin