Thursday, February 22, 2018

Time to deliver

The Sunday Express of January 13 front page story reflected what Trinbagonians really want, or should I say, what we expect. The headline "Down but not out" and the survey results on Page 3 reflect what Trinbagonians have been saying from the beginning: "Treat us with equity and justice!" and "Stop the corruption!"

The issue that a few of us would have liked to see highlighted was the reaction to Minister of Finance Larry Howai's plan of running a deficit budget while closing off the year with a $950 million loan, not to mention the borrowing done throughout 2012.

Don't be fooled; if the Congress of the People was not there the headline would have read a lot differently. The People's Partnership was originally the United National Congress, the Congress of the People and the labour movement via the Movement for Social Justice.

One of the characteristics of a democratic society is that leadership reflects the character of the people. The fact that PM Persad-Bissessar is in power indicates that most of the country, if not all of the country, wants her there because we approve of what she is doing.

This, however, is not so. The Prime Minister needs to recall the Fyzabad Accord and the likes thereof and deliver. She needs to police the ministers under her and she needs to eliminate the "eat ah food!" practice of her Government. The reality of the situation is the PNM is not perceived as ready to take back the reins of leading this country, the MSJ is still a babe and the COP is part of the Government. Therefore the PM is there for a while. The hopes of most of us is that she takes advantage of the information provided in the Express and listen to the voices of the citizens and deliver the care and progress she promised.

Hugh Springer

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