Friday, January 19, 2018

Time to move on

Today more than half of the news is populated by stories and contributions about the Kublalsingh hunger strike and it is quite sickening.

This is the 21st century and many countries around are making way for new and necessary developments, and while there may have been sacrifices, the end result is always in the public interest.

As noble as Dr Kublalsingh's intentions are they do not stand up against the needs of so many who live and experience travelling problems in the southland and support the highway. Much time has passed and many explanations given. It is necessary to move on with the business of the land.

If the main concern for him as an environmentalist is the environment, then why did he not acknowledge the Government's plan to implement a bill geared at controlling the use and circulation of plastics and other bottles that result in flooding?

Or maybe if his concern is the people, then why is he holding our ambulances and health equipment, working people and other resources to ransom while so many other citizens in this country are in need of health facilities, workers to stimulate various industries etc?

I also recall that when the PNM initiated its plan to convert agricultural lands into housing developments to shift votes there was no protest, no hunger strike, no march, just nothing.

So many more things are happening in this country and are being sidelined due to this matter, and we have had enough. Please media and Mr. Kublalsingh, give it a rest.

Olga Nicholson