Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tobagonians seeing the way forward

As an average Tobagonian, I wish to let everyone in this nation know that we are not to be underestimated.

It seems as though there are people out there who are hungry for power and in their quest for it, ignore the fact that they are only going to get it because of the people at the bottom of the social hierarchy. I am so very appalled when I see some politicians trying to manipulate and worm their way in the minds of our people. We have had enough!

For all these years of PNM rule, our tiny island has been so badly managed and so little has been done to make things better. My mother who was at the public hospital a few years ago was so afraid due to the dilapidated facilities there at the time and couldn't continue her treatment (she died a few weeks later). Now we have a new and first world hospital and while I know it took too long to complete, it was only done during this current People's Partnership administration and all the PNM could to do in this instance was to criticise and ridicule.

I see new Government plans to expand our current airport which makes travelling in and out of here that much easier! I want to know when Mr London complains about having less tourists or people being afraid to come to Tobago, did he for one moment think (because people would like to think that he is smart) of any solutions to the problem? No of course not. Instead what he did was attempt to fracture the wholesomeness of our government which of course turned out to be an utter failure.

This kind of exchange of blame for me is quite trashy, but when it comes to the PNM culture I guess everyone needs to be down and dirty to survive against their slanderous, chaotic, corrupt and inefficient leaders.

What is going on with our aquatic centre Mr London? Will it ever be finished? My children are getting older, and I want everyone to know that when I vote, I vote for their well-being and therefore, when I see integrated campuses for tertiary studies on the way, the regularisation of land titles and so much more coming without the support of the THA I need to think what can be done with their support? And so I ask, of everybody please do not take Tobagonians for fools.

We have produced among the finest individuals in this nation's history. Our opinions and our votes will be counted and this time the PNM has no where to go but out of the THA.

Borris Rubin