Friday, December 15, 2017

Too much blood flowing

HAVE we grown immune to the rivers of human blood flowing freely following vehicular accidents and violent criminal activity?

Whenever someone dies unnaturally, the human cost is steep. We need to face that brutal reality and find solutions which work to eliminate the bloodshed.

Parliamentarians—particularly those in Opposition—need to put aside the gimmickry and one-upmanship and put heads together to make our highways and byways safe again. The death toll inflicted by the lawless and the careless is too outrageous for us not to spring into action to halt it. There’s nothing more sacred on Earth than human life. The deceased have no need for employment, education or newspapers. Death itself is a gateway to heaven or hell. Be rest assured, to die is not a right —it’s a certainty! Scoring cheap points is a waste of vital resources!

Ayodele Chieng

Petit Bourg