Saturday, January 20, 2018

Traffic flowing with new plan

Since the implementation of the St James traffic plan (something similar to which I suggested to a previous mayor years ago) I have been driving to and from work through St James and have found the drive refreshingly easy.

It was good to see the traffic wardens enforcing the no-parking regulations.

However, I hope that this is not a "fair weather" plan because on Thursday December 20, when it was raining heavily, it was back to the same old parking on both sides and crawling traffic.

Kudos to the St James community for coming up with the plan and let's hope it stays.

Concurrently, now that the businesses and residents of St James are happy, is it not a good idea to review the one-way traffic on Ariapita Avenue, Tragarete Road and other streets in Woodbrook?

Roger Henderson

Goodwood Gardens